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Sheer Indulgence™ - quite simply the finest wigs in the world. Each piece features hand-knotted monofilament design, seamless details, and exquisite craftsmanship. So you can expect incredible color, quality, texture, and flexibility. The look is sheer luxe.

Vibralite Sheer Indulgence

Opening Night Opening Night Opening Night
Swept Away Swept Away Swept Away
Bewitched Bewitched Bewitched
Sorcery Sorcery Sorcery
Chic Chic Chic
Charmer Charmer Charmer
Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta
Influence Influence Influence
Spicy Spicy Spicy
Free Spirit Free Spirit Free Spirit
Lighten Up Lighten Up Lighten Up
Excite Excite Excite
Tango Tango Tango
Action Action Action
Eternity Eternity Eternity
Dixie Pixie Dixie Pixie Dixie Pixie
Fresh Fresh Fresh
Infatuation Infatuation Infatuation
Relentless Relentless Relentless
Image Image Image
Star Quality Star Quality Star Quality
Top Notch Top Notch Top Notch
Encore Encore Encore
Finesse Finesse Finesse
Magic Magic Magic