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Memory Cap® is created with the highest quality stretch lace that gives you the ultimate in light comfort and fit. No wonder: all the wigs in this collection actually memorize the shape of your head. In just one hour! After we perfected it, we patented it.

Vibralite Memory Cap

Entice Entice Entice
Captivate Captivate Captivate
Enigma Enigma Enigma
Tres Chic Tres Chic Tres Chic
Whisper Whisper Whisper
Winner Winner Winner
Starlight Starlight Starlight
Divine Divine Divine
Cinch Cinch Cinch
Breeze Breeze Breeze
Mystique Mystique Mystique
Sharp Sharp Sharp
Tress Tress Tress
Salsa Salsa Salsa
Tigress Tigress Tigress
Power Power Power
Boost Boost Boost
Voltage Voltage Voltage
All That Jazz All That Jazz All That Jazz
Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle